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Freak Like Me

15 Mar

I am a really bad nail biter. I long to have gorgeous long French polished nails, but I just chew them off. I go through stages where I will grow them and then something stresses me out and before I know it they are all gone and my fingers look ragged and horrible.

I’ve tried everything. The worst thing is the little bits of skin that you get round them that are sore when you chew them off. I’ve tried hand cream but I always end up getting covered in it when the phone rings unexpectedly, or asked to do something that ruins me soft and silky mitts.

It’s such a disgusting habit. When I think of all the things that could be under my nails it sends me into an OCD style spin and I feel ill, but i compulsively pick at them when I am feeling tense and uneasy.

I would be a rubbish princess!!!

What are your bad habits? I watched a programme once about people’s compulsions, and I can safely say that mine is pretty minor. It was called freak like me, and it had all sort of revolting things like a man who couldn’t help himself from eating out of bins and another guy who saved up all his farts when he was in the bath so he could make a rocket (this is serious guys, it ACTUALLY HAPPENED). Other nuances included the man who felt it far too disgusting to ever wear the same pair of pants on more than one occasion or the girl who loved to chew her toenails. For half an hour once a week I watched in horror on the iplayer at the freaky habits of great Britain. And then I saw a boy I went to school with!!!

Seriously. I think its still available if you like in the UK. Watch it. its horrible!!

(image courtesy of Natalie Dee one of the funniest producers of cartoons I have ever seen!)