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Lost in Translation

19 Mar

Going past the obvious physical things, there are some massive differences between boys and girls, a point that has become glaringly obvious since I moved in with one. Things like emptying the bins, “I didn’t notice they were full!” and hoovering “I like my feet black!” were expected, but there are some things that we see from totally different stand points.

Take last night for example.

Last night, I finally dragged my sorry ass to the gym, and not only did I do the most high intensity zumba class, which turned out not to be zumba but an eclectic blend of salsa, reggaeton and bowka, I also did 15 minutes on the stepper as I was there a bit early.


I was really proud of myself, despite the fact that I had to consume a banana and half a bag of sweets on the way home due to slightly low blood sugar (ill learn the balance eventually of insulin, working out and food intake) but I was pleased all the same.

I trekked home, getting weird looks from fellow tube passengers (I have something to admit, five minutes after exercise has finished, I go puce and remain that way for a good hour. It’s my thang) and my boyfriend had done something really sweet. Something he thought I would really appreciate. He had got me a “well done for going to the gym treat”.

Just to add some background to this, I have given cheese up for lent. It’s my biggest vice, and I love ever cheese imaginable. I don’t drink a lot and wanted to test my willpower for the lent period, so cheese it was. And Lord, it’s been the hardest thing. But so far I have been cheese free since Pancake Day, and I have a month to go. A month of pure hell. Especially as I gave up cheese for January too, in a bid to make my tummy look less like cottage cheese.


So my treat was……… a cheese board! I was a little taken aback. Why would it be a good idea to reward me with the same amount of calories I had just leaked in sweat, half way through a massive test of my willpower? And why does anyone need a reward for their first gym session? Well done for not being lazy for the first time in your life! I didn’t get the logic. He didn’t get my logic.

When I asked my girl housemate what she thought, her response was “I did have to bite my tongue when he got home with it”.

I totally appreciated the sentiment of the reward, I just thought it a weird one. Diamonds would have done just fine.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have done something / someone else has done something for you that has been totally misinterpreted?

12 Things That Movies Have Taught Me About Life… (via Sarah Smiles Awhile)

15 Sep

Every now and then you read a blog post that you really wish you had written yourself! And this is one of them.
Read and enjoy!
‘Belle x

12 Things That Movies Have Taught Me About Life... Everything I've Learned About Life, I've Learned From Movies… 1.)  Jerry Maguire from Jerry Maguire taught me how to deal with stressful work sitch's when he said:  "Don't worry, I'm not gonna do what you all think I'm gonna do, which is, you know, FLIP OUT!" 2.)  Llyod Dobler from Say Anything taught me what kind of guy I should hold out for when he said:  "What I really want to do with my life – what I want to do for a living – is I want to b … Read More

via Sarah Smiles Awhile

What Can I Do To Make You Love Me?

1 Sep

These really made me laugh. I found them on Schmitten Kitten, a blog that is too funny for words. What do you guys think? It seems to me the guy ones are a whole lot easier than the girl ones!

I’ve Created a Monster!

9 May

A few weeks ago I told you about my friend’s foray into the internet dating world. A shy and retiring type, I had to give her a bit of a push, but thought she would do just fine.

I’ve created a monster. Honestly. I’ve been out of the country for three weeks, and when I got back I called her straight away. She then spent the next forty minutes telling me about all the people she has met/talked to, and where she was with each of them. I heard about Dan and Sam, Mike and Paul and their merits and shortcomings, until I was laughing out loud at her comments, “Nope, he had issues. I mean really, I don’t need to know that he is having a crisis of career on the first date!” ,  “We have had some joke banter. I don’t think ill talk to him again. there is only so far you can go with knock knock jokes!” and “Laura he is my soul mate. Guess what he likes? Getting a letter in the post and cups of tea!!” Wow sweetie, you should never let that one go! If you knew my friend you would know that she is perfectly right, this guy does sound like the right match for her.

My favourite comment however was “He looks a bit special, but I think I can work with that. He seems nice.”

Lady, you bring me no end of humour. I am completely surprised at how well she has taken to it, although she did admit to having to dedicate an hour a day to respond to all her admirers. I only wish she had done it sooner, and I hope something good comes out of it. But in her words, all’s well that ends well, as she has a monthly tube ticket, so at least if nothing comes of any of her dates she is getting her money’s worth!

It just reminds me of the saying, “go hard, or go home.” Good luck!!

A Right Royal Wedding

30 Apr

The Royal Wedding is the talk of the town, and I’m surprised by how much of a big deal it is here in the USA. I thought that by escaping for Easter and coming to stay with my family I might get a little respite from the whole palaver, but that’s not the case.

Firstly, the build up has been phenomenal. Every morning when the TV is on the news has done a round up of what she will wear, if there are any hints on who the dress designer is, what the hen do will be like, if she is pregnant (that was my favorite one!). Foreign correspondents have been inserting their two pennies worth and the rain prediction has been wrong every day up to the wedding.

I woke up this morning and it was over. Don’t get me wrong; im not anti royalist and i think that should William become King it will be great news for England, but the wedding of the year wasn’t enough to make me rise early to turn on the TV. I watched the footage this afternoon though, and I was both amused and touched in places. I thought it was really sweet how the newly weds disappeared off into the sunset in a little car with learner plates and just married over the number plates (although it was in an Aston Martin) and I was amused at some of the hats! Seriously guys, it may be Phillip Treacy but it’s still a monstrosity! he Princesses were my favorite, closely followed by Elton John resembling and Oompah Loompah, and Victoria Beckham’s interesting style choice.

My sister isn’t interested in the Royals at all. She thinks they are a waste of time, but I like them. William and Harry seem like genuine boys and I like the thought of a new era of Royals reigning over the country. I like that Kate and William have lived together and done their grocery shopping at the local supermarket without having aides and waiters to attend to their every whim. I like how elegant and timeless she is despite her now Royal standing, and I think that as a pair they will take England to a new period in time. We should embrace it. It was touching to see the Union Jacks waving in the breeze around Buckingham Palace too; giving us a sense of the patriotism that we so often forget.

A friend who is in the army commented that it would be nice to see the support to the country more often, and it made me think that where I am at the moment, in California, there are flags all over the place. You see the star-spangled banner and the California flag, and people here are proud of their country. Servicemen get mentions at big games, and they are a whole lot more appreciative of their country. In the UK the England flag is so often associated with hooliganism; three lions on the shirt and sunburn from foot fans in other countries. Most people can tell you when St Patrick’s Day is (and all the connotations og green, drinking, and more specifically, Guinness) but its rare to find someone in my age group who can tell you St George’s.

I think that if Prince William and Kate Middleton can inject some interest back into the youth of Britain, then good for them. And if not, we got a day off, didn’t we? And another one next year for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Good old Royals!!

But What Can I Buy The New Princess?

26 Apr

What do you buy for a girl who has everything? I bet when Kate Middleton went to sleep at night as a little girl she didn’t dream for a second that one day she would actually be marrying a Prince, not to mention the most eligible nearly not bachelor in the UK. OK, so he has the potential to look like his dad when he’s older (probably something that haunts his every nightmare), but he is the future King of England. Girl done good.

It doesn’t surprise me to hear that the year Prince William decided to go to St Andrews, the female applicant count doubled, and even Miss Middleton herself made the decision to go there over her previous choice of Edinburgh.

But it brings me to my previous question, if I did happen to have an elusive ticket (invite? i don’t think they are actually touting tickets!) what would i buy the happy couple? Do they have a wedding list? Are they asking for donations for the charity of their choice? Imagine if you had to pick something off the wedding list. Wedding lists are bad enough as it is. Everything is super fancy, but you don’t want to choose the cheapest thing and seem like a tight are, yet at the same time your car failed its MOT this week and the bar bill from Friday night was slightly more expensive than you thought it would be, wasn’t it?

OHGOD. So what do you choose? At a normal wedding its OK; you have two choices. You can either team up with a friend and choose something more expensive, or you can go for the middle of the road duvet set or pair of mugs. If you arguing for the latter, then you MUST make sure that you get to the wedding list as soon as it opens, otherwise all the other people having the same thoughts as you .

But what would be on the Royal wedding list? Crystal chandeliers? Gift certificates for Harrods?

I think I might give it a miss. I’d prefer to watch it on TV while drinking a Pimms, eating a cucumber sandwich and toasting the Queen, the Prince and his future Princess. Wont you join me in a toast?

You’re The One That I Want…. ooohohohohoooh Honey!

28 Mar

Megan wrote a brilliant post recently about her ideal man (read here) and it got me thinking about the prince charming complex and how every girl dreams of her prince.

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