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When Writer’s Block Hits Like A Punch In The Face

15 Jul

Blogging always used to be my thing. You know, everyone has one. You might be a flicky eyeliner sort or a guy who always wears a suit jacket, and I was always the girl with the words.

As a kid I had words but I didn’t know how to share them; I was quiet around strangers and poured thoughts into stories and poems rather than shooting words into the breeze. As I got older I discovered the power of the pen, and later, the keyboard, and you haven’t shut me up since.

But recently the words dried up. I’m not sure if it was one thing or a series of little things piling up like bricks in a wall, but my fingers slowed on the keys and the words seem harder to write. I start, I stop, I delete, I start again. And then I sack it off and do something else.

I got tired. I lost my flow.


But writing was always something that I enjoyed; an outlet from a busy day or a way of making heads or tails of life. And I kinda miss it. I’ve been trying to get back into the swing again and post more regularly, take more photographs and think more about what I want to say, to start sharing again.

And I totally notice the difference it makes. Gone are the days when thousands of people used to visit my blog – now my old faithful’s are the only ones that return on the sporadic occasions I write. I miss the thrill of stats checking and talking to new people, but it has really helped me to understand the people out there who I can rely on and who generally care about what I write. So thanks, and you all know who you are!


The sun shines down on London like we finally got taken off the naughty step and were allowed back in the garden, and I’m making the most of it. I’m on a health kick ready for a holiday in a few weeks and we all know that when the weather is sunny my outlook is too.

Watch this space!