One’s Destination Is Never A Place…

9 Jul

…. but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

It’s getting that way again, where my feet become restless and my heart hears the calling of the world around me, and yearns to get out there and do. Traveling is what soothes my soul and makes my heart happy, and I know there I have barely scratched the surface of what I need to explore, and the things I need to experience.

Last Christmas was rough on all of us, with having lost Granddad being so fresh in our minds, and I’ve been dreading the impending winter months, not wanting to feel the hollowness of our loss so strongly again.

So the boy and I are contemplating jetting off to see somewhere new and missing Christmas and New Year in the UK altogether. At first it was just a pipe dream (Imagine if we ditched it? Imagine if we ran away?) But the seed has been planted and I feel the roots taking hold and hopes growing from them.

So I’ve made a list (I’ve checked it twice) and I want your input.



Thailand has always been a place I need to see in my life, and the spark has been recently reignited by a number of friends having visited. Cheap accommodation, crystal clear seas and warm climes are some of the reasons it features so highly.

Costa Rica


Another one that features highly on my list is Costa Rica. It’s a great place to trip to from the USA so a lot of my friends and family have been, but to me it just looks like paradise.

And also, sloths.



Random choice for Christmas sun, but Venezuela comes up fairly cheap for flights in December, and sitting just south of the Caribbean, it obviously has its appeal. The angel falls sit inland, but they are a must see for the life bucket list. I must admit to not knowing too much about the area, but would love to explore.



There is something mysterious about Japan, and it’s a place I would love to explore. Cherry blossom, snow-capped mountains and a culture like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Where is your favourite place in the world and where would you recommend to a traveller? I want all your tips!

One Response to “One’s Destination Is Never A Place…”

  1. thenakedlistener July 10, 2014 at 5:48 am #

    Your four countries are good choices, I think. I’ll just leave my twopence worth and other commenters can advise or correct.

    THAILAND: It’s one of those gotta-visit-at-least-once places. Broadly speaking, the cheapest times to visit are July and October, with August and September in second order. Most expensive in December, January and February (because it’s around New Year and Lunar New Year). You also might have to overcome the visual impact of … ahem … the lesser desirable facets of life of the common people before reaching the nice beaches, etc. The song “One Night in Bangkok” isn’t too far from the reality. When in Thailand, never miss the chance to take a detour to Malaysia and Singapore – or you’ll beat yourself for not doing it.

    JAPAN: I’ve worked in Tokyo for nearly 3 years and have travelled to other cities and prefectures. May-June-July and December are cheapest months to visit, then prices suddenly hit the roof in January to April. Tokyoites can be rather snooty at foreigners, but the second- and third-tier cities like Osaka, etc, are more welcoming. Always budget at least 25% extra when visiting Japan. True fact that.

    VENEZUELA: Last time I visited was with mum (or dad) sometime in the 1960s (oops, there goes my age!). All I remember are faint images of soldiers. Things should have improved considerably since then.

    COSTA RICA: Sorry, never been there.

    MY FAVOURITE: Italy! Just my personal opinion (and bias), but people go there to eat and learn to realise how to cross over from one part of themselves to another. Hard to explain. Probably the Italian word “attraversiamo” (from “attraversare,” to cross) explains it better.

    Just my twopence worth.

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