6 Oct

I’ve recently come across this blog, and reading this post today made me smile. Its so true!! Go forth, and read it
‘Belle xxx

The Chronicles of a Skinny Jeans-Wearing Toronto girl

…Many thanks to my dear friend Santi for inspiring this blog post…


About me: My name is Karen. I am a good-looking 25-year-old woman. I cook, clean, shower adequately and generally meet the acceptable standards of cleanliness in my living space. I have a pleasing personality, a wheatish complexion…whatever the hell that means, and just as your car insurance will decrease with your age, my dowry will only increase with mine.

Now, why am  telling you this?

To make you aware of one thing:  there seems absolutely NO reason why I should be single by circumstance.

This leads me to believe that I am single by choice. A choice that I actually never realised I was subconsciously making. I had, like any girl with big dreams, a check list of what I wanted my future husband.. boyfriend.. the schumck I dated to be like. People called me picky for my 4 page list. I called it confident and self-assured.

At 22…

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