18 – 30’s ~ Part 1

25 Aug

Cast your mind back to the heady heights of your first holiday away from your parents; cheap, sunny and posing you with a wealthy of possibility. What a dream.

I remember mine. I went to Zante in Greece with my best friend at the time, determined to get a honey tan, have a laugh and enjoy myself in a great hotel. The freedom was liberating, I was going abroad!

On the plane there were a group of 12 boys with nickname t-shirts on. If I remember rightly (and thanks to some hilarious documentary photos we took) ‘hot stuff’ had an acne problem and ‘stud muffin’ needed to scratch his bum a lot. Seriously, what catches.

After listening to their raucous excitement for the duration of the flight we arrived on our island, and went to get our bags. Zante airport was, at the time, the size of my nans front room, and the organisation was seriously lacking. We found our luggage by identifying people from our flight and standing at the same courosel as them due to their being no signage whatsoeverm and soon we were looking for the shuttle.

We boarded the bus with the six of the lads, shivering at the thought of getting stuck on a bus with them as they chanted war cries about sex and beer. The bus took us on a whistle stop tour of the island, dropping off couples and groups at their hotels, until we nearly reached the top of the hill, where the bus stopped. The rep called out their names, advising them that they had to walk the rest of the way, as the bus couldn’t go up that far. They looked horrified, and we were secretly pleased that a) we didn’t have to share a hotel with them and b) it wasn’t our hotel.

The next morning, we got up early and went to the pool. There was an introductory brunch all new guests had to attend, but we thought we would rock out our new bikinis and catch some rays before going. About ten minutes later, Danny walked past in his pants and introduced himself.

Turns out, Danny was one of the boys from the bus. When we had chosen to go to bed, he and his mates had decided to go to the bars. They had got pissed, met some girls and he had gone skinny dipping with one of them. Drunk and unsure of his surroundings, when he got out of the water he couldn’t find his clothes, and had stolen some pants off a pile of clothes belonging to someone else. He then had slept in the bush next to their room, as his roommate had failed to come home, and had ambled down to the hotel we were staying in, as theirs didn’t have a pool so they were permitted to use ours. Oh joy! Not rid of them after all! We let him into our room and gave him a towel, and all made our way to the brunch, where his mates met us. Whizzer, roommate of pants-boy threw up on the table mid talk, and the holiday had begun.


One Response to “18 – 30’s ~ Part 1”

  1. prenin August 25, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun – Pants Boy included!

    Oh it is to laugh!!! 🙂

    My first holiday after leaving home was a trip to Denmark to meet Hanne’s family and we had a fantastic Christmas, her granddaughters (They marry young in Denmark) were sweet kids and they loved me, because I could read them stories and play their games, like feeding the chocolate ghost!!! 🙂

    Cilla and Anna were born a week apart and the Baby Casper I ended up looking after when the kids stayed over at Hanne’s place, so I was in seventh heaven! LoL!!!

    Unfortunately Hanne died of a massive stroke the week before I was going to move over there and I lost contact with her family, but it is a memory I’ll treasure…

    Love and hugs!


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