The Attic Of Joy

10 Aug

The attic is a wonderful place, and as offspring, my sister and I feel that we should have free rein of it. Sure, we don’t want the fish tank / books / old videos, but we must keep them for historical retention, despite the fact that we don’t own, or know anyone who does own a VCR, or will never have fish again.

So my sister was scandalised recently to find out that when my dad moved house he had thrown away all the topic books that we had lovingly crafted between the ages of six and twelve, without as much as a by your leave. I wasn’t as bothered, although I would have liked to have kept the book with the hand sewn hot air balloon on the front, if only because when I had made it, aged six, I had spent the entire day stitching the bright colours and patterns to the piece of calico, only to stand up and find it was stitched to my skirt, and have to walk home to my mother with an upside down hot air balloon displayed on my outerwear. My mother was less than impressed.

Bt my biggest heartbreak was not something one of my parents had done (although I might add at this juncture that if my mother is reading this, she still isn’t forgiven for recording over ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ and thus ruining my fifteen year old life) but when RoCo and I went to watch our infant school nativity video. We were looking forward to seeing my four year old self dressed as an angel sucking my thumb the whole way through, Mary picking her nose and dropping baby Jesus on his head when the three kings came, and one of the shepherds spinning his dressing gown cord in a creepy sort of Peter Stringfellow way as the angels descended. We watched it with mirth for the first five minutes, only for it to go fuzzy and the OC to click in. MY SISTER HAD RECORDED MY DECADE-PRESERVED NATIVITY VIDEO WITH SOME AMERICAN TEENAGE SHIT! Further indignities were had when she claimed not to have known what was on the tape, which my mother had lovingly marked ‘Laura’s Infant Nativity Tape. Do Not Record Over’ in permanent marker.

This still hurts. I might not buy her a Christmas present this year.

2 Responses to “The Attic Of Joy”

  1. prenin August 10, 2011 at 8:10 am #

    I have kept 13 video tapes of my life during the 90’s including helping the girls with their homework and various episodes of them growing up.

    About five years ago I converted these snippets into four sets of DVD’s for Emily, Becky, Rachel and Pat.

    I know they were watched, but I got no thanks at the time for all those years I had recorded and preserved them for posterity.

    Now a whole new generation is growing up and I can’t record it because I am no longer part of the girls lives.

    Sad, but true – I am now worthless and abandoned – but all I have to do is play back the tapes and laugh again with those I gave my life to…

    I can’t blame you for being angry about the nativity tape, but one day you will have the chance to record the next generation – don’t miss it!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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