Wanderlust and Itchy Feet (via Tinkerbelle86’s Blog)

12 Jul

Its happening again….. my feet are yearning for sand and sea water to fill the gaps between my toes. Any good suggestions?

Each week, like clockwork, a magical email drops into my inbox, and this pleases me. its not the obvious email that you would expect, not some lightly veiled call to action to buy the newest notepad / keyboard / office chair, but something with a little more appeal. It seems I have managed to unwittingly subscribe to the Lonely Planet’s sales offering, and on a weekly basis, am met with a plethora of suggestions of things to do with my days. I lo … Read More

via Tinkerbelle86's Blog


2 Responses to “Wanderlust and Itchy Feet (via Tinkerbelle86’s Blog)”

  1. Team Oyeniyi July 13, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    AUSTRALIA, of course – but wait about 6 months until we warm up down here!!!

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