The Police

15 May

I am slightly concerned about the world today. This has been bubbling just below the surface of my thoughts for a while now, and the simmer has just transferred to a rolling boil, as if someone walked past the hob and accidently knocked the dial with their elbow. Flame heightened, issue in plain view.

My problem is the police and the court system. I understand that when I say something it has the potential to be a super sweeping statement, but bear with me here. I feel the need to say that on the whole they do a great job protecting us, blah blah blah, daily life, blah blah etc.

But come on people.

A few years ago I went clubbing with a friend. I was drinking, but not drunk, as I had arrived late in the game and couldn’t be bothered to catch up. I went out with a friend who wanted to have a cigarette, as it was summer and warm, and stood chatting as she smoked. A girl tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned round to speak to her. She asked me for a cigarette and I apologised, saying I didn’t have any as I don’t smoke, and turned back to my conversation. She patted me on the shoulder again, more aggressively this time and said I must, as I was in the smoking area. I explained that I was just keeping a friend company, and that no, I didn’t. I admit I may have been a bit short with her, as I didn’t appreciate it, but was in no way rude. I turned back her round and heard her make some comment about a butterfly. I have a technical drawing of a butterfly tattooed in the centre of my back, and on that night I was wearing a top that you could see it. I turned back around thinking she was making conversation, and she head butted me in the face. Hard.

I was lucky that I turned round faster than she thought, and her forehead hit my cheekbone rather than my nose. I reeled, and sat back on the wall behind me, as she ran off. I was told that if she had have landed the thud on my nose it would surely have been broken at the bridge, and I would have been a lot worse off. I don’t remember a lot about it, only my friend grabbing the bouncers, who I knew and who could identify her and a squaddie who had seen the whole thing sitting and talking to me while the police were called. I was surprised that the bouncers actually asked if I wanted the police called, of course I did!

When they arrived they took statements and numbers, and the following Monday a police officer visited me at work. All well and good to this point. And then it all dropped off. They had six months to present a court case and press charges, and I found out in this time that the girl in question was known to them and was a druggie, with a child. Five months later the police came to me asking for my statement (which I had already given) and if I could identify her in a line up. After five months. A sixty second encounter when I was intoxicated over one hundred days previous, and I was only then asked to do a line up. They also asked me for the phone number of the kind squaddie who had kept me company, which he had given it to them on the night. I had it, but it turned out he had been deployed to Iraq, and was therefore no longer able to give a statement in court. I was then informed that I could go to court but the verdict would most probably be that there wasn’t enough evidence to press charges.

I gave up. The reason I pressed it so long was on principle; people like that shouldn’t be able to get away with it. It didn’t affect my life other than a bruised face, but should it have happened to my sister or someone shier than me, it could have seriously affected whether they chose to go out after dark.

Yet last week a friend of mine was pulled over and questioned at the side of the road for nearly an hour because he looks quite young and has a nice car. The police were convinced it was stolen, despite him having papers and documents to prove otherwise.

Its mental!


7 Responses to “The Police”

  1. mairedubhtx May 15, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    It’s the same here in the States. You can be harassed just for being young and having nice things such as car, if you’re hispanic and in the wrong part of town, and on and on. I’m sorry you were hurt and were not able to get justice. It’s not right.

  2. jessiepeace May 15, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    I’m quite shy, especially when I haven’t had a drink down me. Sometimes when I’m first out I worry that some big butch lesbian is going to rip me into two, I’m pretty small, so I think I’m a bit of a target. I’d be easy to pick on. But I have protection since my girlfriend and friends would have my back.

    But I get worried sometimes, other times when someone ticks me off I get super angry and fear goes out the window. It all depends on what day you find me on. But Iv never really been in a fight, there scary.

    My friend was mugged once at knife point and he went to the station and they was like ” we don’t like your attitude”, but what did they expect he’s just had a knife at his through your going to be a bit on edge.

    Don’t get me wrong there must be some nice caring police. But the media doesn’t really give us any faith in them does it!

  3. abandonculture May 16, 2011 at 1:46 am #

    You must hug the police whenever appropriate, to remind them they are human beings – because they are! 🙂

    (sometimes their training makes them forget though)

  4. yogini May 16, 2011 at 5:56 am #

    very true…

    Same happens here!

  5. Single Malt Monkey May 16, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    Sadly, today the Police just make me nervous.

  6. Team Oyeniyi May 16, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    It isn’t the police that bother me, but you know my saga of “officialdom” and the damage caused currently.

    Once I lodged a complaint against a specialist doctor and like you, in the end I just dropped it. Too much drama for no real outcome and it was making me relive the suffering all over again each time I had to have another “conciliation merting”. Meanwhile the doc gets off scott free to do the same to other women – bad medical decisions.

    Some systems just suck!

  7. The Hook May 17, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    You make some valid arguments. Keep questioning authority whenever you can.

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