Growing Old Disgracefully

20 Feb

I think if I had the option to live forever, I’d politely decline. You watch films where people strive to do just that, but honestly, why would you want to?

It would be fun when you were young, the idea of having the world in your hands and never running out of time to experience the wonders of the world. I imagine my cousins; in their teens and with life stretched out before them would love this. Why would they ever want to be anything other than the sporty, tanned teenagers that they are? But how would it work? You wouldn’t be able to age, as when would you stop? Would you attain your maximum age and then just stop?

I can’t bear the thought of watching the people I love age around me, and then losing them. How lonely would it be to not be able to reminisce about the fun that you had and the joy that they brought you? Everyone knows the idea of getting old scares me ( I plan never to have a birthday after twenty-nine) but if I have to get old I relish the thought of having my sister and close friends around me, and rather than discussing which person we went to school with who is pregnant, it will be more “guess who’s died?!” Right now we laugh about who fell off their heels or pulled a minger, but give us fifty years and we’ll be giggling at the fact that we have moustaches and that Emma always loses her glasses.

If I have to get old girls, I’m happy you’re all getting wrinkly with me!


One Response to “Growing Old Disgracefully”

  1. The Hook February 25, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    Nice pic!

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