The Flab Forecast

18 Feb

Just like most people, I often have concentrated periods of eating healthily, and then falling flat on my face and eating an entire chocolate orange. (I am no longer able to leave one slice and therefore justify that I didn’t eat the whole lot).

But with two holidays booked this year already, and February still being in its infancy, I have started 2011 with a renewed vigour, ready to blitz the belly and become svelte.

Realistically, I do not have that much to lose, it’s more to tighten the love handles. There will be no handles to love, people! Portugal will be shocked this year and the life guards will simply see another girl on the beach, rather than calling coast patrol as a whale has become distressed on the sand (I am exaggerating. A bit)

So as we now do every week, Char, Emma and I head off on a Thursday for our go hard or go home night; an hour of kicking and punching in the air (ensuring that we do not accidentally kick or punch each other in the head in over enthusiastic exercising, or in Emma’s case some poor man who had the bad luck to exercise next to her!), while I take tactical water breaks to prevent death, followed by half an hour of abs blasting (where admittedly I do have to concentrate on blasting the abs rather than concentrating on pretending to blast the abs!!) and then theoretically a swim. We are normally so sweaty that the idea of changing into a bikini is so repulsive that we just go home.

So hopefully the flab forecast for this month is flabby with a chance of slimming!!!


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