Hula Hoop Hell

5 Feb

I think i have successfully got through the other side of my hula hoop addiction. No, I’m not talking about the rings that you put around your waist and swing your hips to (that would be a little more of a debilitating addiction) I mean the crisps. Perfect rings of starchy potato goodness, available in plain, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar and beef.

I used to eat two grab bags (much bigger than a normal bag) per day if they were on a 2 for a pound deal in M+S, or if someone in my family bought a family pack I would eat a few packets, running them in cream cheese before stuffing them in my gob. Mmmmmmm.

But my desire for a hula hoops is less that my desire for a washboard stomach, and I finally identified I would have to lose one to save the other (it was honestly like picking which child survives!).  I picked, so bye bye hula hoops, we had fun.

I fell off the wagon on Friday the 18th of February, when I had 1 packet of plain hula hoops, ruining my new year’s resolution. But when they were finished and the packet was in the bin, I didn’t crave another, or start eating other crappy junk food.

I therefore am victorious!!!!

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