Tartan Paint and Other Lies

4 Feb

There are a lot of things that i will believe, if they are put to me in a believable enough way. I would like to think  that people wouldn’t make things up just to mock me, but it seems that my faith in humanity is a little high.

This month i have fallen prey to a few.

In the airport, i was convinced that the ‘authority’ section stood for something, rather than the issuing office. Mine says ‘UKPA’, his said ‘IPS’. He proceeded to convince me that as his dad worked for the government, this meant ‘increased personal security’ and that if there was a bomb or anything else that you have to discuss quietly in an airport, that they would know he was there as he had checked in, and he would be identified and rescued. This is paraphrasing, he made it sound far more believable, until revealing he was a massive liar and ruining my belief.

The other was having to Google scotch egg today after being informed that they are named thus as the used to be rolled in scotch before the bread crumbs were added to preserve the egg. I commented that this wasn’t what it said on Wikipedia, only to be the subject of mass chortling in the office.

I would like to think that my gullible-ness is due to a need for human nature to be more transparent, and not because i am thick.


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