Great Phrases For Office Use

3 Feb

As everyone seemed to like the Salad Dodgers post, i thought i would share with you all some of the other amusing terms on the email that EPP sent me. After all, its for the greater good, and this is especially to make Miss Watson’s morning that little bit brighter!

Testiculating: waving ones arms around and generally talking bollocks. (I do this a lot. When in panic mode and blagging, waving your arms seems to make the point you are inventing far more valid, like using a highlighter pen on a document. It doesn’t DO anything, but it makes it feel that it has far more of an impact).

Millennium Domes: the contents of a Wonderbra (impressive from the outside but nothing in there worth seeing). I say prayers every day that I am lucky enough to not have this problem, but to my little boobed friends, when we hit eighty, which one of us is going to have more of an issue? You with the small boobs or us with the nipples that touch our knees. Reven-gay (one of my new favourite words, after someone in the office was trying to pronounce it) is a dish best served cold.

Seagull Manager: a manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everyone and leaves. We have ALL had one of these. Mine was a shiny bald man who literally just made a lot of noise. He did nothing, even going home at lunch time and leaving me with hell of a situation, not to mention sacking my friend for no reason at all. He was my seagull.

Swamp Donkey: a thoroughly unattractive person. Ahhahahaha. I promise faithfully I will try in future to sneak this into more blogs, its is a phrase that is so underrated.


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