January … DONE

1 Feb

So, I have successfully made it through January, blogging every day and reached February with a relative lack of distress. OK, I might have had a slight self destruct at the beginning of the year, but there is nothing like welcoming a new year in with a bang, is there?

One thing I have shrugged off in 2011 is money worries. Sure, the worries are still there but worrying is hardly going to make the situation any better. I have ebayed my entire life, as moving from a two bedroom house with garden and shed into a just larger than single bedroom is frankly not ideal. And i have been trapped into this ‘i shall not unpack’ world for the latter six months of last year, clinging onto the thought that i wasn’t moving back in with my father at twenty four, but simple stopping a gap. 2011 has made me go through, like a whirling dervish and sort the mess out, and it has made me a tidy profit, all of which can pay off my credit card (read pay for my next holiday).

Wicked. Bring on all that shall come with February.


One Response to “January … DONE”

  1. Charlotte February 4, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    congrats on making it one month of daily blogs, keep it up there great to read, lets see if we can double your viewings! 🙂 x

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