San Diego

30 Jan

My wanderlust has begun again, and my feet are itchy with the thought of getting on a plane and going to somewhere new and exciting. I pore through the lonely planet guides and feed my desire on the ‘would you take a career break?’ advertisements. I daily have a look at the Bing homepage to see what fantastic photos they are displaying on any particular day, and when people tell me about trips they have planned I hang onto every word like a crack addict waiting for a fix.

But California is a place I will always drawn back to, like iron filings to a magnet. The balmy temperature and gorgeous views help, obviously, but the sense of calm I get when stepping off the plane and setting foot on the runway is unrivalled. My family are there, and i feel like i belong. Its like being a circle in a world of triangles; the sore thumb amougst the fingers, and then finally realising you were simply in the wrong place.

My three cousins are fantastic; like suddenly realising i had three more siblings. Number 1 is arrogant and sporty, but its just a front and inside he is a gorgeous, kind seventeen year old. One day, when he least expects it, he will be an amazing person. Number 2 is flightly and dreamy yet every now and again you see a maturity unrealised in a fourteen year old, and he is the best one for a cuddle. Like having a great big teddy that is suddenly taller than you, which always comes as a slight shock.. And number three is a perfect lady, shy and quiet but so intelligent and a fierce little fighter, that comes of having two big brothers to stand up to.

So now the holiday season is reset, i will be meticulously planning my trip back to where my heart belongs.


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