They Never Tell You About The Washing

29 Jan

When you are a child, all they do is tell you that there are so many possibilities, that the world will be your oyster and that you will be able to fulfil your dreams. It all sounds so fabulous doesn’t it? the thought of earning your own money, driving your own car and being able to leave the house without asking your mum first and providing a blow by blow account of where you will be for every minute of the time you are missing.

They don’t tell you about the washing. There is always so much washing to do!! And they also don’t tell you that even if you have the success of being able to stick the ever mounting pile of dirty clothes in the machine, if you don’t get it out almost as soon as the cycle finishes, your wonderfully clean clothes will take on a slightly trampy smell.

On one occasion, ex boyfriend put a wash on on the Thursday. This was rare. On the Friday he realised it had been lounging in the machine for too long and needed to be washed again, but as on the Saturday I headed off to recuperate for two weeks with the family in San Diego, i needed to attend to my massive pile of clothes so he put the washing in a black bin bag with the intention of putting it straight back in when i was gone. Two weeks later i returned to find a black bin bag full of laundry that smelled like the bottom of a pond. Fantastic!!

They also don’t tell you how much general life costs. Pocket money only has to cover chocolate and the occasional trip to the cinema, but adult money has to cover oyster cards, petrol, electricity, council tax and all sorts of other rubbish things that you really would rather not spend your money on.

I’m strongly considering quitting my job and working on a time machine to take me back to thirteen. When mum was responsible for dealing with the washing!


3 Responses to “They Never Tell You About The Washing”

  1. photomi7ch January 29, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    Thanks this has lifted a grey day. 🙂 welcome to the real world.

  2. Nicole January 29, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    There was a load of other stuff to deal with at thirteen though. Popularity, exams, homework, puberty, trying to fit in, wondering if you should start smoking, not to mention having to live with the parents etc etc.

  3. tinkerbelle86 January 31, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    you are right nicole, but you didnt have to deal with the fear of popularity and homework while smelling like an old sink sponge 🙂

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