Salmon Week and Salad Dodgers

27 Jan

One of my lovely friends sent me an email yesterday with new phrases for 2011, including ‘salad dodger’, which is one of my favourite terms already, as I am one.

But a new one popped up, having a ‘salmon week’. A phrase in which the exact explanation was “The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die.”

Well, quite. I am having a salmon week. I know that it is only Wednesday  and I should keep a broad mind on these matters, but salmon is as salmon does. I have battled away at documents that are far too clever for my mere pea brain, and after a week of working on a document, forgot to save it. when I went back in the next day, all my lovely hard work of formatting and writing and excel formulating was gone, like a mere horrible dream that I may have had.

So i entirely welcome the phrase salmon week, and am going to use it on a regular basis. But not too regularly I hope, a week like this one could send me over the edge!!


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