Remember The Point and Click?

27 Jan

When taking photos this weekend, it took my mind back to the days when cameras used film. I literally can’t even visualise how that would be anymore. The amount of pictures i take, i worry that i would be bankrupt if i didn’t get the option to revisit them, choose which ones I lied and delete the dross; the shots of my foot or the top of someone’s head taken by accident. What would it be like to not be able to enhance their quality, change them to black and white or crop interesting sections?

When i was young, my auntie once gave me a disposable camera, and one to my little sister, and told is to take pictures of whatever made us happy. Years later, when she had passed away, i found the little camera and got the pictures developed. It made me sad to see pictures of her with her silvery hair and massive glasses, but it was nostalgic, and heartwarming. And i remembered taking the pictures, and the maddening disappointment when you found something FANTASTIC to picture, something that would be better than any of the pictures you had taken before, and realised you had got to the last click and there were no more shots left to take.

This would never happen with the modern technology of the digital camera. Sure, you can zoom a thousand times and preview the pictures to ensure that you have the best snapshots of a perfect trip. But you never get that wonderful feeling when you develop your film in the dark room and see the black shapes magically come to life on the pearly white paper. Some pleasures you simply cannot replace.


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