Calm? Not So Much

24 Jan

At a glance, i am calm personified. It takes a lot to ruffle me, and to passersby i present the tranquil exterior of a person at one with the world.

Inside, its a whole other kettle of fish. My internal dialogue often runs amok in my head, pondering about everything. I’m often chastised for not listening, as my mind has gone off on a monologue, distracted about the colour of a work colleagues shoes or wondering if the cough that I have is really a signal for something more sinister.

The only time my mentalness pops out is when i am lost, or when i cannot find my car keys. These two instances turn me into a crazy lady, going mental at the sat nav shouting her rubbish instructions at me, or losing the plot that my keys are not exactly where I left them. The problem is really that I never can actually remember where I left them, which causes the issue. I think I need some sort of Paul McKenna style hypnotism to make my inner calm level with my outer calm. Hmm….


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