Why Doesn’t Celery Taste of Chocolate?

15 Jan

Ok, so it’s still January and we are all attempting to cling to our resolutions, like limpets in the waves. The majority of people have similar resolutions; wanting to eat healthier, work out more or lose some weight. So why is it foods that are good for you taste bad, and foods that are bad for you taste good? The old adage of ‘a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips’ is true, but why is a handful of sunflower seeds nowhere near as moreish as a bag of jellybeans? It’s the eternal dilemma. For people who like food, the conundrum is immense. The healthy foods, however low calorie, anti carcinogenic or however Gillian McKeith is marketing them this week, invariably taste really rubbish. Celery, cucumber and grains are super disappointing, and never give you that sick yet great feeling that you get from inhaling a packet of custard creams in record time. Scientists can put people into space, heal the sick and clone the cell, but yet they cannot make something that is really good for you taste like a bar of Galaxy, can they? (this also really bothers me that they cannot make tights that don’t ladder, or fake tan that doesn’t stain your hands, but that is for another time!) Imagine if you opened a bag of lettuce leaves and they tasted of cider? The possibilities are endless, and life would be a whole lot more fulfilling. But alas, celery still makes the majority of the population want to gag, regardless of the helpful information that it burns more calories to eat and digest than it gives you. Some things, it seems, will never change.


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