Beach Body… Here I Come!!!

13 Jan

So the New Year has once again brought the dreams of holidays abroad and bikinis to the forefront of the mind, especially after surviving the pain of the easy jet sale, and ensuing bun fight to get any good flights last night. Me and four of my favourite girls are now booked on flights to the house in Portugal in a mere ten weeks time, so it is time to address the bits that still wobble when not moving (boobs aside) and become svelte for the pool. After all, it would be a nightmare to be mistaken for a beached whale by Manuel.

I do have these thoughts on a regular basis, after all, who wouldn’t like to have a body like Gisele? But they are normally cast aside in favour of a doughnut. This year is different though; flab teamed with the strict talking to I was given at the hospital last week about sugar and my body, the fact that my darling sister is bound for six weeks in California in less than a month and my eternal jealousy and drive to get there at least for two weeks this year, i am back to the gym. Hard.

It seems that going in my lunch break is a happy resolution between the angel on my shoulder that wants to be skinny, and the devil on the other one that wants to go home, get into my pyjamas and eat pasta and other beige foods. Gymming at lunch sees me getting out of the office, having a warm shower at lunch and saving my evenings for slobbing and seeing my friends and family. If i want to come out from under my duvet that is….

If you too are in the same position as me, where the thought of holidaying with honeys makes you feel a little flabby around the edges, and you hate the gym or any form of excercise, then please take heed of this tip:


Nope, not a joke. I have successfully managed to run for an entire twenty minutes (yes guys, I am talking about ME!!!) thanks to George. My playlist for running consists of the following songs:

  • Wham – Jitterbug (you know you know it!!)
  • Cee lo Green – F**K You
  • Eye of The Tiger
  • Mylo – Dr Pressure.

Rinse and repeat. This normally does the trick for me, distracting my mind enough that it doesn’t make me give up before my body is ready, and it almost feels like you are dancing. Go on, try it!!

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