Why I Hate Phones

12 Jan

Everything about a mobile phone annoys me, whether it be that if something goes wrong with it the best advice they can give you is to switch it off and switch it back on again, or the fact that you have to spend all day on the phone to a call centre should you want to do anything. I have recently entered into a contract with 02 and have procured an iPhone (something that I simply cannot handle. My fingers are too fat for the buttons and I’m constantly making things disappear without realising, and then never being able to find them again). I filled out all the details needed, including my bank details, and thought that was the last I would hear of it. So when I got an email this week to tell me they couldn’t take the funds from my bank account, I was a little surprised. Being notoriously rubbish with money, but quite organised (interesting combination, I assure you) I had already set up an account for my phone on my online banking, and transferred the exact amount of money over, safe in the knowledge I wouldn’t then spend it on hula hoops in the petrol station. But I had failed to factor in the rise in VTA, so was therefore a quid short, and they didn’t take the money, I called them this afternoon to rectify the problem, and was met by the annoying automated system. Looking like a pleb I heavily pronounced my date of birth, mother’s maiden name, middle name and bra size, only to be put through to an actual person who made me confirm all these details again. Why do they do that? It just wastes time and gets you all riled up, ready to shout at an actual person. But no, not me, I kept my cool. Even after listening to their tinny rendition of green sleeves on repeat eight times due to the fact that they were ‘experiencing a high volume of calls’. At 2pm, on a Tuesday. Sure. When I finally spoke to the lady and asked her to try taking it again, I was informed there were no bank details on the account. How is it possible that they could have tried to charge my account sent me and email about said account, and then there be no account? The mind boggles. It’s so frustrating. Yet I cannot actually remember a time when I didn’t panic and check that my phone was safe in my handbag before heading off to work, worrying if it slipped off the seat or god forbid, it was on silent and I couldn’t find it. My head thinks that i would love to go back to the days where i wasn’t constantly contactable, whether it be via email, phone or constant checking in to see what everyone else is doing, but i don’t think any of us could cope with this. What have we become??

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