Resolutions are Made to be Broken

10 Jan

Has anyone stuck to their New Year’s Resolutions?  I pretty much haven’t, having only been to the gym twice and tucking wholeheartedly into a big bowl of chips at the pub the other day. I can confirm that not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips in 2011, but i think that this is more to do with the fact that I haven’t felt the best and have therefore succumbed to my hibernation station rather than the fact that I have been on wild nights out and resisted the urge.

2010 is over!  Thank goodness we have officially seen the back of a year that most people agree was completely rubbish. And 2011 looks set to be a good year, although pretty expensive. (As an aside to my friends and family; please stop having babies.  There are 6 on the horizon without the surprise conception of anymore, and to be perfectly honest, you are all putting me on the poverty line!! After all, those little baby socks might be too cute to resist buying, but there are too many little feet!)  Travels are planned and the Aussies are coming with new brood members, so there is much to be excited about.

So I am going to embrace the New Year again this week and start my resolutions again. After all, last week was just a dry run, right?


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