Grand ReOpening Soon…..

9 Jan

A pub lunch is something that rectifies any problems experienced with the world. Bad day? Pub lunch. Hangover? Pub lunch. Need a break? Pub lunch. Standard.

It therefore comes as a bit of a kick in the teeth when the aforementioned pub closes for a while for a revamp, and opens again as one of those trendy eateries. I used to go to a pub in the country with then boyfriend which was famed for log fires and comfy sofas; a welcome Sunday respite from the damp and cold. It closed and reopened with steel and glass, some clinical endeavour offering massive plates and very small portions.

So when this happened with the local near work, I failed to be impressed. Old local, complete with grumpy bar staff and two for six pounds offers closed, with the sign saying “closed for refurbishment. Grand opening soon!”

Last week we all decided that, as it was Friday and we hadn’t been for a while, we would make a trip to the pub. We got there and were told to wait while they prepared us a table. Really? We only want a bowl of chips.

We sat, we ordered, we waited. And waited. I was pretty excited about my French onion soup with parmesan crouton, and Belgian frites. So when they arrived, an hour later, I was disappointed to find i had a bowl of warm cream with a few onions floating, and some fish and chippie style chips. The disappointment was palpable, and the fact that they added ten percent onto the charge for service left everyone feeling a little annoyed. Although the beams have been put in and there are rustic barrels scattered all over the place like an abandoned ship, we just wanted the sausage and mash.

Why, when given the option, would you opt for a very small serving, on a large plate, when you could instead choose something hearty and filling? As the Geordie pointed out, any menu with a section headed ‘leaves’ is not going to win any prizes in our Pub of the Year Award, is it?! All I could think about when sadly spooning the last mouthful of cream soup into my ravenous tummy was, “the girls wouldn’t like this one little bit”. I can imagine Ellie’s face when hit with the hard reality of having nothing on the menu that constituted of “something chicken, bacony and cheesy smothered in BBQ sauce.”

I think we will stick to the Harvester. Many Thanks.


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