Behold – The Ring of Fire

4 Jan

It always makes me laugh how adults feel it totally necessary to play games, but involve alcohol. It is quite literally my favourite thing about drinking with my compadres. New Years Eve arrived,  I went to a party with my nearest and dearest and a rambunctious round of Ring Of Fire began. Firstly, this is a hideous game which my friends always baulk at when discussing in a civilised dinner situation, but we are all gung ho when it comes to adopting funny accents and drinking ‘fingers’ of alcohol in a party situation.

Ring Of Fire with a small group is particularly hazardous; my mind is cast back to one particular game played in the front room of my first shared house, where i decided part way through that i needed a refill, ran from the carpeted lounge to the shiny floored kitchen, slipped when turning a corner and headbutted the cooker. Six years on and not much has changed then! So ring of Fire with around thirty twenty somethings is something to fear. No one could hear any of the rules or had a clue what was going on, due to small conversations going on in little pockets of ‘the circle’, punctuated only by the odd whistle to try to re establish some sort of group again. Massive fail.

There are age old rules and rituals within the game; if you pick a certain card you are allowed to set a new rule; the players must only speak in an accent not commonly used by themselves, or the players must not point with their fingers.

Imagine the chaos. Thirty adults, all merrily on their way to drunk (some more than others), shouting at each other in ridiculous accent imitations, and pointing with their elbows to save using their fingers. At one point an argument broke out in loud fake Welsh accents, and one girl comically spouted Indian pleasantries to anyone within her earshot.

But Ring of Fire is no way near as confusing as a rather perplexing game called ‘twenty ones’. Ben kindly explained the rules and patiently waited while we paused to start our own conversation, remembering the explanation a little too late. I looked and Charlotte, who also hadn’t been listening, and was just as confused as me. It’s basically counting to twenty one, with some little tweaks added in, and makes absolutely no sense to anyone at all, unless completely inebriated. Cue downing some super strong spirits and resuming the game.

Ask me to explain the intricate rules of a drinking game when sober and I will fail miserably. Ask me again after a few vodkas and I become Lord of the Game… there is nothing I do not know.

2 Responses to “Behold – The Ring of Fire”

  1. Charlotte January 4, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Brilliant! All so true! 🙂 xx

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