I Never Learn

24 Oct

I never learn. At least I can admit it, sort of like a shamefaced child into the wind, so the words get blown down stream, but were said. I NEVER LEARN. I told you so’s aside people, and leave your ‘what a surprises’ at the door. I am standing proud, and admitting it.

My particular never learn is those boots. I do apologise for everyone who has been consumed with my shoe related rants this month (and no, I STILL havent got those back yet) but I own a pair of calf boots in brown leather which bring joy to my life.
Well. The last time I wore them to London, Row and I did our classic meander about, spend money, eat food, gossip. Got back to flat. Took off said boot and half my foot came off with it. It was so painful I had to wear her shoes clubbing, having packed light and intended to wear said boots-of-hell, and then the next day had to steal some flip-flops, blister plaster my digits up and hobble home. Lesson learned? Possibly.

Boots had a revival last week when I went clubbing and came back with every toe present and correct; no throbbing areas and no whinging. Result!!! Boots had been successfully broken in before my spirit was broken.

So this weekend I donned the super boots and off I went. Traipsed round London, not bothering with super inefficient tubes ( i had my newly broken in boots on, ta!) and by the time I got back to the flat, I was hobbling. OK, we had been walking for 6 hours (yes guys, ME AND ROW!!!) and I thought maybe my tootsies were a bit tired.

Today, I put boots on, walked a little, ate some food, walked a little, drank some wine (normally perfect for easing pain) and got on the train home. When I got up to get off the train, after being proposed to, my feet killed. No pain like it in the world. My little sister watched me incredulously as I walked on the side of my feet to the car, and advised me as she has done countless times, to lose the boots.

I have now had a bath to soak them, and it seems that not only are they so tender that I wince when they touch the floor, but I have strained my Achilles Heel by overcompensating.

Back to the cupboard then. Sorry boots of joy 😦


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