Ponderings for Autumn

19 Oct

Ok, so I’ve had a lot going on and haven’t managed to get round to writing a blog this week (by week, read month, sorry!) and actually this post is going to be more of a post of points from the last month to consider, after all, I’m like a modern-day, female Dalai Lama. (Ha!).

Points for consideration:

  • Never leave a pair of shoes in the boot of a man’s car, however unintentional this may be. I have learnt from experience, even if they are over thirty, they may steal them. They were a good pair of shoes and i apologise to my long-suffering friends who I may have mentioned this to once or twice, but I want my shoes back!!! The loss of my lovely navy wedges with military style button has made the severance an actually deal, where as if he had just buggered off gracefully I would have been happy.  To quote my step mother, “only murderers steal a girls shoes” and Ben “freak”. Wise words guys, I thank you. I won’t quote Jo, it’s basically unprintable.
  • Holiday allowance is a curse. It totally limits my life, and I cannot flee England for California for Christmas, as I have no holiday left. I have sold my soul to an office. How dare work get in the way of plans?! Unacceptable. Whatever would my younger self say?
  • It seems that although I’m a bit out of sync with modern music, I revert back to fifteen when I hear anything by Nelly. New Nelly song = Tink listening to it on repeat on my headphones while doing grown up work stuff, reminiscing the days when the girls and I used to sneak home for lunch to mine and watch the box. Thank god there isn’t any Blazin Squad on my Itunes!
  • As I get older, I worry more. This is bad news. When I was twenty, if someone ate a sausage off the barbecue that was raw in the middle, i wouldn’t blink an eyelid, yet the sight of Emma eating a week old Thai green curry at the weekend set me asking a million questions about the bacteria levels in cooked chicken. Dear lord.
  • My sister is an amazing woman, who I have always considered a girl. Watching her bat off men in the nightclub at the weekend while me and Chop watched on in amazement was the most fun I’ve had in ages.
  • I miss Row when she is on holiday; therefore she is never allowed to go. Likewise April, for different reasons.
  • Ice queen has melted. The Tink who used to believe tears were for wimps cried for the whole day at dads wedding, and hasn’t stopped since, including watching don’t tell the bride, the x factor and talking to my sister. God help me. If this is old age then kill me now, it seems I believe in love, flowers and joy. Help!!

I promise I will take an hour or so to update my blog imminently. Until then, thanks for reading people x


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