Psychic Premonitions

8 Sep

I understand that some people have talents that they have to nurture to ensure that they enjoy their day job, but psychics really irritate me. I cannot be understanding of someone with a career that cannot be proved, and in my opinion, is claptrap.

I have evidence to back up my outlandish statements, fear not.

My sister went to see a palm reader in Brighton recently, with a friend. To give some background, my sister lives with her boyfriend, but is definitely not planning on starting a family any time soon. She was told that she would be married by April, and have four children over the next four years. OK. Her friend however, was told that she would have three children, “but unfortunately to tell you, not from the same father”. My sister reported back that although possibly not that accurate, his comedy timing was impeccable.

But the one that really had me going was my mother’s story. She told me, over a cup of tea, about a conversation she had overheard while in the canteen at work, between two work colleagues. Lady one has recently lost her cat, and has been so distraught that she has contacted a psychic. This, I feel, is her first error.

Lady two asked kindly, what the update with the cat was, and if the psychic had given any good news. Lady one, completely solemn faced reported that afer the initial consultation, she had had a phone call from the psychic.

She asked lady one if there was any woodland around her area, and if there was shooting there. Strange question, lady one thought. But what came next was serious.

“I feel that Fluffy is very angry, and has been shot. He has either been taken in by a kindly neighbour, or is dead.”

WOW. Peoples cats run away on a regular basis, but it appears the psychic senses in her waters that he has got involved with some sort of kitty mafia, and is swimming with the fishes.

My mother nearly choked on her lentil soup, trying to maintain a calm, stance in the face of such an amusing story, as the general mood was not that of humour.

I mean come on! What a load of rubbish!


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