Music to My Ears

8 Sep

Clearly I’m not as young as I used to be, and this was proved this weekend, with my baby sister, who also is no spring chicken. I know this by our inability to listen to ‘cool’ music, the definition of this being music that the youth listen to. I’m not by any means suggesting that our track of choice is Mozart (although I have been known to listen to Carmina Buranha when in a strop at work, but only because it is calming and reminds me of joyous times with the girls laughing at the x factor, but I digress…) but songs that are popular take a while for me to get used to, to say the least. If you are in any way doubtful of these, please do not hesitate to refer to my previous blog about JLS and the Sound of Music. Just for reference, my sister is cooler than me, as youth is still on her side. She is hanging by the fountain of youth, while i am making the transgression to the fountain of wisdom. I’m only saying this as she will mention it should she ever read my music rants.

Songs confuse me. I was mocked recently for innocently asking whether the then new Tinee Tempah track, “Frisky” said “it’s just because I’m crusty”. An easy mistake to make, I feel, when the bloke in question sounds a bit like he is choking on his own teeth.

So, back to our realisation of age, we are sitting in the car, listening to Damien Marley and Nas, which happens to be my sisters favourite track, identified by the way she listens to it on loud approximately three thousand times a day, and she pipes up “can you hear the cat in the background?” i look at her, bewildered, like she is on crack. She repeats.

A thought crosses my mind, was she having a laugh with me? is this something that a cruel, cool younger sister does when she knows her older sibling is teetering on the border of a quarter life crisis, so that they say “why of course” fully not being able to hear a cat, and then younger child can laugh and tell everyone about how gauche their older sibling is? I wasn’t falling for this one. “No” I replied “there is no cat. You need a nap”.

My darling sister insisted that if you turned the music up really loud, you could hear a cat yowling in the track. She even instructed me at which point to listen out. We turned the music up, but with the sound system on Betty, my reliable run around, being rubbish, it sounded like some youths rapping from behind tin foil. Not ideal.

At home that evening, feeling foolish, I stuck my headphones in, turned my iTunes up as loud as i could bear, and listened to the track. And lo, there in the background, is a cat. It loops again and again, yowling along to the tune.

I rest my case. This may be cool, it may be seen as forward thinking in muso circles, but I think it’s just plain weird. Hand me Bon Jovi any day, and I will be content. If this makes me old, then fine. I’m sure Jon Bon will be firmly on my side, and this is all I need in life!


One Response to “Music to My Ears”

  1. Spectra January 22, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    LOL – I find it hard to like some of the whining singers and their splashy personas over here… As for Bon Jovi, he is from my home state (jersey) and a highschool friend of mine is friends with him! Then, the wench will post photos of her and Jon Bon together on Face Book and it is like…so unfair! He stays rediculously cute, barely ages, looks good sweaty… I think her husband knows him. Plus, she is wealthy, with a spare home on the ocean in a pricey seaside town. Bleh.

    To her I say – I met Clint Eastwood. So there!

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