Solar Suggestion

9 Jul

While watching all these in-depth programmes about climate changes and saving the whales, I am constantly found screaming at the TV. I can see the answer, why can’t the big head honchos at the car manufacturing companies see this too? Make it solar. Gone will be the problems of digging deep into the middle of the sea (not a great prospect of you are the guy that has to be stuck on an oil rig for months) because that great ball of fire in the sky will keep burning of a long while yet. Hold me back, I could be the governments new little pocket rocket! Think tanks, here I come.

But no, as with all good ideas, like the wheel and the lightbulb, someone else got there first. Apparently, there are complex reasons that I had not considered as to why this would fail miserably.

Reason 1: Solar power works best when things have large, flat surface areas, so they can get maximum exposure to the rays, and glean as much juice as they can. On this basis, the car would have to look like a piece of card, on wheels. This would make the design far less aerodynamic, and therefore cars wouldn’t be able to reach the speeds that we desire. Bye bye Lewis Hamilton and car enthusiasts, they would have to be extinct for the greater good. Another issue with this is that the car would have to be a lot wider, and so roads would have to be adapted, costing us more moola. No thankyou.

Reason 2: Night and weather complications would have an impact on our lives. Lets be honest, England isnt massively known for its long nights and balmy climes, is it? Imagine getting half way down the road late at night and your car dying, much like Herbie with no batteries. Catastrophes would happen all over the place. Although, it would be a great excuse as to why you are late for work…

Reason 3: Cost. Although sunlight is currently free (although im sure David Cameron and his cronies could think of a way to tax us for this) the cost of making these cars would be far more expensive. We would save money in the long run, as we wouldn’t be paying for the super expensive fuel we use to start our cars up and keep them ticking, but the up to date technology would come at a high price.

So ill stick at my day job and just dream of inventing. Has anyone come up with a device to talk to other people yet? Oh, wait …..


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