Sunday Night Ponderings

4 Jul

So I am sitting watching the TV on a quiet sunday night, relaxing after the crazy weekend that has just gone, and an advert comes on for the new Eminem album, hailing him as the ‘worlds greatest rapper’. It gets me thinking, what would Jay Z feel about this? And who is in charge of governing these wild statements? Is there some sort of test done, quizzing baggy trousered boys across the planet, or is it a marketing plot by some middle aged PR agents who couldn’t name a single Eminem song?

Obviously, the answer is clear. The PR agency make the statement, put a teeny tiny little star somewhere and this leads to an even smaller statement saying “statement based on no solid evidence, we have nothing to back this up and therefore no one should start any court proceedings as we are aware we are blowing hot air” or something to this affect.

This led me onto thinking about other annoying marketing ploys. “Super youth makin face cream, now new and improved!!!” with lots of sparkly eyes and pinging teeth. But HOW? How is it, if they have improved something, is it new? Surely it had to be something before they could improve on it? No? Clearly the brainy advert writers think we are simpletons, and cannot deduce this ourselves.

My last interesting comment, not really a marketing ploy, but silly all the same, is the disclaimer on the back of Calpol. It clearly states that the medicine is for the under fives, but covers all bases for legal action on the back by saying “do not operate heavy machinery after taking this”. Thank god, we can all sleep safely knowing that if our loved ones are out on the roads tonight, there are no under fives under the influence of Calpol, driving tractors around the surrey roads. Thank goodness for that.


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