Amazing Artist. She’s mine, I found her first.

26 May

We all have our talents. Some can sing, some can burp the alphabet. Whether it is a useful talent or not, is questionable. Thats why I am so proud of my friend Charlotte. She can draw like a photograph, and cut bits of paper like a samurai warrior, to produce the most beautiful paper cuts. If that was me, the best i could do would be a very childlike attempt at a snowflake. But I digress. For my friend RoCo’s birthday, we gathered for lunch, and she was presented with a Charlotte original. Two small canvasses with beautiful paintings of womens faces, complete with accessories. We all mumbled at how nice they were, secretly jealous that it was not our birthday, and we were not getting paintings. So when Christmas rolled around, i thought how much my boyfriend would appreciate a Charlotte. We whispered and plotted about where it would go, and what it would have on it, and when it was finished, planned how we would manage to get it in the car without him noticing, and wrapped for Christmas. Success! When he opened it on Christmas day he declared it his favourite. It showed a picture of a guitar, surrounded by waves and curls of bright colours. It was fantastic. So i was thrilled when on my birthday last week, i opened my very own Charlotte original. Two small canvasses in black and white with swirls and patterns, that will have pride of place on my wall, and have been commented on by all that visit.

From now on, everyone with a birthday impending will be getting their very own Charlotte original from me. I may be slightly biased, but she is a fantastic artist who shows originality in a sea or conformity. And she’s mine. I found her first.

If you would like your very own Charlotte original, go to and see the art she has already been commissioned to do. Its amazing.


2 Responses to “Amazing Artist. She’s mine, I found her first.”

  1. Megan July 11, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    Very cool! Getting an “original” gift such as a painting from your friend is a perfect gift!!! I have received to paintings as gifts in the past and while one of them is not exactly my taste I still adore it simply because someone MADE IT JUST FOR ME!

    On the contrary… I am one to give of my own handmade pieces for gifts all the time. Those closest to me have so many pieces from me, they could open a Megan Faith gallery if they wanted to do so! I’d like to think they were pleased with their gift and enjoy the things that make me happy as much as making them brings me joy and happiness!

    • tinkerbelle86 July 11, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

      thanks for finding an old one, check out her website. i love home made stuff 🙂

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