The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Sampling

25 May

I turned the radio on in the car this morning, hoping for something light to wake me up on my drive to work. Sadly, my ears were assaulted by the new offering from JLS, which samples the Sound of Music. Don’t get me wrong, I have massive love for JLS, particularly Marvin. His chiselled looks and perfect body had me tuning into the X factor each week without fail last year, but come on! “The club is alive with the sound of music?” well, my car definitely isn’t. Rarely does a song force me to turn off the radio and sit in silence, but this did.

But it started the question in my head, am I old? Is this what the kids are listening to these days? I’m far happier with my collection of early eighties tracks, songs that i wasn’t even alive to sample, rather than ‘interesting’ samples, or the squeaky offerings of pre pubescent boys, a la Justin Bieber. And when the Michael Buble programme came on last Sunday, i was in my element listening to him crooning rat pack numbers. Magic is my favourite, and I am often caught warbling to a bit of Motown while driving around. It annoys me how most songs at the moment sample songs that I loved from the first time, steadily ruining them as they go. But does this make me old, or does it mean that music is just getting horrendous?

Saying this, there are quite a lot of songs that I condemned upon the first listen but I now love, for example lines like “ I’ve got so many kicks they call me Jean Claude” made me wretch when i first heard that Tinie Tempah track, which i now shamefully admit i love. Saying this however, the new offering from him had me puzzled this morning. I could have sworn the main line in the chorus is “it’s just because im crusty”. This is probably not the case, but im not the only one. Friends have agreed that it is dubious as to what is being said, but if it is due to lack of pulling power, its most definitely because he is crusty.

These songs grow on you like mould, so don’t worry JLS, the chances are I’ll be singing along with your Julie Andrews inspired warbling any day soon.


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